The typical Italian products handmade in Sicily (worldwide shipping)

In an era of globalization, where even typical products are often made with ingredients from all over the world, Don Cannolo's image emerges. What distinguishes us is the strong bond with our territory. For this reason we conceive typical Italian products only and exclusively through the use of the best raw materials that characterize our land, Sicily! Unique ingredients for quality and beneficial properties, recognized and appreciated all over the world. Enjoy them all wherever you live! We ship international for intense moments of pleasure!

Marzipan fruits
20,00 € da 19,00 €
Almond paste cookies
18,00 € da 16,00 €
Soft nougat
19,00 € da 17,00 €
Pistachio paste cookies
19,00 € da 17,00 €
Cannoli with ricotta filling
25,50 € da 24,00 €
Crisp nougat
18,00 € da 16,00 €