Cannoli with ricotta filling

National shipping from Sicily!

Delicious cannoli handmade with the best DOP and IGP Sicilian ingredients. Available in elegant boxes containing:

  • Pastry bag with fresh Ragusa ricotta cheese handcrafted with sugar, Modica chocolate IGP, vanilla, cinnamon.
  • Handmade shells (8cm/16cm) with wheat flour, sugar, lard, cocoa, salt, vanilla, lemon and cinnamon flavors.
  • Final decorations: Bronte pistachio DOP and icing sugar.
  • Ice.
25,50 €

24,00 €

  • 0,8 kg
  • Disponibile
  • Consegna Italia (48 ore)

Shelf life: ricotta 4 days, +4° C; shells 12 months, room temperature. Shipping costs: IT € 3,5.

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Cannoli with Ragusa ricotta cheese, Modica chocolate and Bronte pistachio

After tasting its cannoli, you immediately guess why it is known among people as Don Cannolo. These unique cannoli contain, in a crispy and tasty fried wrapped shell, a filling with fresh Ragusa ricotta cheese enriched with Modica chocolate IGP and Bronte pistachio DOP. The perfect filling of cannoli: an awesome match that expresses all the originality of this wonderful typical Sicilian pastry. The precious ingredients used make its cannoli a tasty and satisfying sweet suitable for the most demanding palates.

The Don Cannolo method!

To taste a perfect cannolo it's necessary to fill the shell when you are about to eat. That's why the shell tends to absorb the ricotta's humidity, losing its typical crunchiness quickly. Don Cannolo prefers separating ricotta from the shells, leaving you the nice task of filling them! Finally, thanks to the fast delivery in Italy, the ricotta's freshness is guaranteed! Preparing cannoli is easy, fast and fun! Two simple steps are enough:

1) Use the pastry bag, cutting the tip with a scissor, to fill the shells as a real pastry chef!

2) Add the Bronte pistachio grain on the tips of the shells and the icing sugar by using a strainer.

A fun and engaging game thought by Don Cannolo to preserve the cannoli's freshness and approach people to the world of Sicilian pastry, its culture and tradition!

According to Don cannolo, quality comes first of all: because of the ricotta's freshness which requires short shipping times, make the order only if you are in Italy. Nevertheless, if you are in another country try the other specialties, available in many destinations around the world.

To ensure maximum freshness, the cannoli are handmade after you place the order (in 1 day), and coming from Sicily reach every Italian destination in 48 hours. Enjoy your Don Cannolo, and if you think you will not be at home at the moment of delivery enter your work address without any problems. This way you can either enjoy them with your colleagues during a break or take them home when you finish working, surely giving moments of joy.


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