Cassatelle with ricotta filling

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Delicious Italian cassatelle handmade in Sicily with fresh Ragusa ricotta cheese and Modica chocolate IGP.

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Ingredients: fresh Ragusa ricotta cheese, sugar, eggs, Modica chocolate IGP, Avola almonds, flour, sweet liquor, salt, vanilla.  Shelf life: 4 days +4° C. Shipping costs: IT € 3,5.

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Cannoli Siciliani


The Don Cannolo's Sicilian cassatelle, handcrafted with great experience, are an explosion of Sicilian flavors that will leave you amazed. Soft filling with fresh Ragusa ricotta cheese and Modica chocolate IGP, enclosed in a delicious sponge cake flavoured with Sicilian citrus fruits. The marzipan, crafts with Avola almonds and sugar icing with a candied cherry above, is the final touch. A feeling of unique pleasure!

According to Don cannolo, quality comes first of all: because of the cassatelle's freshness which requires short shipping times, make the order only if you are in Italy. Nevertheless, if you are in another country try the other specialties, available in many destinations around the world.

To ensure maximum freshness, our cassatelle are handmade after you place the order (in 1 day), and coming from Sicily reach every Italian destination in 48 hours. Enjoy your cassatelle, and if you think you will not be at home at the moment of delivery enter your work address without any problems. This way you can either enjoy them with your colleagues during a break or take them home when you finish working, surely giving moments of joy.


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