Marzipan fruits

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Finely handmade Italian marzipan fruits (also known as Martorana fruits) handmade in Sicily with Avola almonds and Etna honey. Pastries individually packaged inside an elegant box: 1kg/35,3oz (24 pieces ca.) or 500g/17,6oz (12 pieces ca.).

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Ingredients marzipan fruits: Avola almonds (min. 40%), sugar, water, Etna honey, natural dyes, cloves, natural flavors. Shelf life: 10 months, room temperature.

Marzipan fruits with Avola almond and Etna honey

Don Cannolo's marzipan fruits represent pure art. Esthetically each fruit is handmade in the smallest detail using only the best Etna honey and the precious Avola almonds: the only ones, appreciated all over the world, that make this Sicilian pastry superlative and inimitable. In short, just two words: spectacular and delicious!

Quality comes first of all. To ensure maximum freshness, the marzipan fruits are handmade after you place the order (in 1 day), and coming from Sicily reach every destination in Italy (in 1/2 days) and many destinations in the world (in 3/4 days). If you think you will not be at home at the moment of delivery enter your work address without any problems. This way you can either enjoy them with your colleagues during a break or take them home when you finish working, surely giving moments of joy.

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